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Seersucker skirt

17 Apr

I found a length of seersucker in the remnants at Joann’s the other day. Yay summer! It wanted to become a skirt for Abby, based on this tutorial. I thought I would be very clever and just fold it over to create a cute tiered effect, creating the casing out of the two layers and thus avoiding any folding and ironing.


No problem: I figured I’d just tack some lace on to hide it. Cute and functional. I even had an old shirt with some lace trim that I thought I could recycle. Except that when I pulled the shirt out, I just couldn’t do it. It used to be one of my favorite shirts, and, although you might suggest that a lace bow is a little too twee for a doctoral candidate with a 9-month old child, a husband, and a mountain of laundry, I thought I’d hang on to it for a little while longer.

So, no lace. Instead I rummaged through a bag of stuff headed to Goodwill and pulled out a burp cloth that, frankly, no one would want anyway. Rip rip!

A quick sew with some yellow thread, because that’s what I had in the machine, and the seam was covered.

I know what you’re thinking: lace trim would be much cuter. And you’re right. I might end up replacing it, but this will do for now. The finished product is basically a maxi skirt on Abby right now, which is why there are no action shots.

I’m undecided about whether to hem it short so she can wear it now or save it until she’s walking and hem it then. Skirts are not too great for crawlers, especially when your baby refuses to get her belly off the ground.

(Wow, the light in this room is bad!)