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Gathered bloomers

28 Apr

… only they’re a bit long, so they’re more like gathered harem pants. Room to grow, I say.

Pattern/ Tutorial: I used this tutorial and just sketched an extra-big butt for Abby’s extra-big diaper. They were super easy–took no more than an evening, and keep in mind that I constantly screw things up and have to redo them. Can you see what I screwed up in these pictures?

I didn’t account for the fact that the fabric goes in one direction, so one side of the pants is upside down. That’s what gives them their handmade charm.

Abby has really perfected her squatting skills.

Fabric: I’ve had this fabric FOREVER. The main fabric is Tina Givens Chandelier Medallioin, and the cuffs are Tina Givens Silhouette Polka for Free Spirit. Here’s another example, although it’s sold out; I think I got these cuts from Fresh Squeezed Fabric. I love this fabric. I love it so much that I refused to touch it for years, but I’m working on letting go of my attachments.

These shorts are a bit hard to coordinate with shirts. I’ve got a lot of the cuff fabric left and was considering making a shirt out of that, but, as they say, that’s a lot of look. (Yes, she is currently wearing her shirred shirt.)