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The No-Method Method to Getting Your Baby From Place to Place

12 May

I try really hard not to be judgy. When people push giant strollers into library storytime, I tell myself that a) maybe they have back problems, or b) maybe they live close by and walked. I do, however, have a general preference for baby carriers, both for convenience and because I’m sold on the benefits. In fact after we stopped using the frame stroller and infant car seat, we didn’t even have a stroller for a while. (I love my baby; why would I want to push her away from me?)

Anyway, the result is that I’ve used a wide variety of baby carriers in the past ten months–although not nearly as many as people who are really committed to the cause–and I’ve developed some strong preferences. Here they are, in order of my encounter with them:

Infant carseat

Pros: If the baby falls asleep, she can be transferred easily back to the car. Some babies sleep better in a slightly upright position. Can be placed on shopping cart (not a recommended use).

Cons: Pretty much everything else: flat head syndrome, lack of adult interaction, turns baby into furniture, leaves baby exposed to germy fingers, heavy and awkward. Ugh, I really don’t like these things.

Moby wrap

I chopped my face off because this is about seven days pp and I look JACKED. You can still see the tape and bruise on my arm from the IV.

Pros: Lots of carrying options. Can be used by parents of any size. Baby feels very secure in it. Comes in many exciting colors and patterns. Doesn’t bind your arms.

Cons: A little hard to wrap–not really spontaneous, unless you get really good at it. Hard to manage after baby hits 15 pounds or so (for me). Abby was not a fan at first. Continue reading