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Activity: Pouring and Scooping

20 Nov

Obviously, I don’t have enough time to update a craft blog on a regular basis. I’ve got about a thousand different projects going on right now, both paid and unpaid, and only a few of them are craft-related. (Expect to see some sweaters soon, though. I’m getting cold.) Abby, however, is just getting to the age where she likes to do activities, and, being Montessori-raised, I have lots of ideas.


Abby decided to wake up at 6AM this morning, and C. gets to sleep in on Sundays. Bleary-eyed, I pulled out a jar of bulk popcorn that we don’t like, added some pinto beans, and set out some stirring, scooping, and pouring utensils. That’s it. The sheet keeps the majority of the dry goods off the shag area rug, but a good vacuuming is definitely in order.

Equipment: jars, utensils, dry goods (rice, beans, popcorn)

Age: Abby is currently a bit over 16 months, which I think is a perfect age to start activities like this. Depending on the kid, you could start a month or two earlier. With different utensils (even chopsticks, eventually), this sort of activity can work for years.

Parental involvement (1-5): 2. I set things up, showed her how to use the spoon, and then sat back. Younger children will need supervision so they don’t swallow anything and so they don’t pour a jar full of dry goods anywhere you’d rather they didn’t, but this kept her so absorbed that I was able to do some knitting.

Length of Interest: About twenty minutes, which is practically all day in toddler time.

Time to Clean Up: Three minutes, although I didn’t vacuum, just hunted down a few stray beans. Not bad.