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Cloth Diaper Review: Kawaii Diapers

27 Apr

Style: One-size pocket diapers with TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane, a supposed improvement on PUL, or polyurethane laminate) shell, minky lining, and microfiber inserts. Range of colors. Snap closure.

Price: Around $7-$10 per diaper, depending on style and where you buy them. I got 10 diapers and 20 inserts for $71, which is a phenomenal price for a good quality pocket diaper.


We’ve been doing cloth with Abby full-time since she was about 2.5 months old. At first we stuck with the time-tested prefolds and covers, but I have to say that those did not work out for us. No matter how often we changed her, or how many fleece liners we used to wick the moisture away, they gave her a dreadful rash. (The one thing we didn’t try was wool soakers: I didn’t want to buy them, and I didn’t have time to make them.) But I was bound and determined to stick with cloth, so I bought a BumGenius second from CottonBabies and LOVED it. It worked like magic (not to mention it was easier on Chris). So I bought six more. But I just couldn’t afford to buy as many as we needed to keep her in them full time, so I searched the Internet and it yielded me … Kawaii Diapers. I LOVE THEM.

Out of the box, they look more similar to FuzziBunz than BumGenius: they have a similar profile, and the snap placement echoes the FB. The snaps are firm and secure, although they are white and so not quite as aesthetically pleasing as the same-colored BumGenius snaps. The TPU is thinner and shinier than PUL. The microfiber is soft, and the inserts are thick and generous. The wide opening makes inserts easy to stuff and remove; they come out with a gentle shake. After six months of heavy use, they look almost as good as new. With a wash routine of rinse, wash (with Charlie’s soap), rinse, and hang to dry, they are not retaining any smells–in fact, the BumGenius are much stinkier!

I do have some complaints. The elastic is tight and leaves marks on my baby’s skin when she wears them for a long time. The snap placement around the thighs is narrow for my chunky-thighed girl, so that I actually don’t button the bottom snaps. They are quite bulky for a pocket–although I suspect that means they’ll fit her long after she’s outgrown the trimmer FuzziBunz. They do leak sooner than my BumGenius, so I always make sure to put BumGenius on her at night. Because the crotch is a little wide, the insert has a tendency to twist and leak.

Added up, that seems like a lot of problems. But most of them can be circumvented simply by changing your baby often, which most cloth parents do anyway (I only get leaks if I don’t change her for longer than usual due to naps). Ultimately, do I love BumGenius more? Yes. But for almost a third of the price, Kawaii cannot be beat. Recommended wholeheartedly!

Where to find: On the woman’s website, or, if you have the competitive bug, on ebay.

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