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FO: Lotta Jansdotter Simple Shift

8 Mar

This dress is cute, but Lotta Jansdotter’s Simple Sewing for Baby is a frustrating book. I love that the patterns each come on a separate page, but I hate that as far as I can tell, the second pattern sheet for this shift was missing, meaning that I had to make it up. Not difficult if you’ve done some sewing, since this is a very easy pattern, but still not cool.

I also hate that this pattern does not come with a size. She’s just like, “Hey, cute dress! It’ll look cute on your baby!” But what size baby? And why doesn’t it come with some extra tracing lines, so I could, you know, make it for more than one size? Again, not hard if you’ve done some sewing, but seriously.

That sort of flaw makes this book better as inspiration than as an actual sewing book. I do love her Scandanavian style and all the Ikea-esque prints.

Anyway, I took a smaller seam allowance and figured that this would fit A just fine, and it does–it could maybe be a little smaller in the shoulders. It’s seriously easy, although I thought the instructions for attaching the bias tape were overly complicated.

I contemplated making a matching diaper cover, until I realized that I hate the twee little short dress and matching diaper cover look for toddlers. My toddler will wear leggings and like it.

Patten: Simple Shift from Lotta Jansdotter’s Simple Sewing for Babies

Notes and Mods: I modified the bias tape attachment, and I also made it a little bigger by taking a smaller seam allowance.

Make Again?: Yes–it’s a cute and easy pattern, especially if you’ve got fabric you want to show off–but I won’t be happy about it.

Fabric: This fabric is from Purl Soho’s sale section. It’s a Wyndham fabric of some sort, and I love it because it’s sprigged. Sprigged fabrics always remind me of this description from These Happy Golden Years:

Laura wore again her sprigged, pale pink lawn dress and her new hat with the ostrich tips now sewed on tightly.

Mary’s dress was a blue lawn with small white flowers scattered over it. Her hat was a white straw sailor with a blue ribbon band. Beneath its brim in back her hair was a great mass of twisted gold, and golden bangs curled richly on her forehead, above her eyes as blue as her ribbons.