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4th Grade, Wk 10

29 Oct

Background for our Tudor unit turned into an art history lesson.

Word tickets: fun for us, maybe not so much fun for the animals.

Impromptu lesson on mixtures and compounds to check off one of the state learning goals.

It turns out Abby loves copywork. She’s been copying poems from her poetry folder, and I’m working on my Spanish.

Do we have two big sets of largely ignored Magnatiles at home? Yes. Did they fight over these at the Discovery Center? Also yes.

Onto Silas! We made some butterflies that would have been more symmetrical, if the paint hadn’t dried so fast.

Sleeping Queens, or some variant thereof.

Math lesson with hungry giants, chocolate chips, and ten-frames.

And finally, a somewhat last-minute poetry teatime.

4th Grade, Week 9

22 Oct

We started the week with a trip to the Bruneau sand dunes. Despite the campfire, there was no camping involved. We stayed until the sun went down and then packed up and went to the observatory. There was a nearly full moon, so poor visibility, but we were able to see Saturn, rings and all. So cool!

This week’s math involved fractions at a donut shop and Life.

We continue our slow march through Idaho history.
I’m sure there’s a way to rotate this image, but Silas is just about to get out of the bath so I’ll figure it out later. We’re working on comparing brain size to body size. Pretty proud of myself for finding the avg brain size of red pandas and siamangs.
Another Girl Scout event from two weeks ago–a coding class for the Digital Game Design badge.
On Monday, Abby and Chris went to the Apple store for an iMovie class–totally free, and so much fun!

4th grade, week 8

12 Oct

Also I guess unofficial preschool week 8. Silas goes to a wonderful Montessori program but I just can’t help myself.

Abby is off-camera nursing a stomach ache while I read. I should probably clean Silas’s room 🤔
World center for Birds of Prey, Fall Flights
Fall Flights failed to keep his attention, so we left and found 100 rocks (and a v strange facial expression)
Of course I had chalk in my bag. Someday I’m going to pull a lamp and a coat tree out of it.
Not her favorite subject, but she wants to know “why people like different things”.
Be Naturally curious DNA
Baking at the Ronald McDonald House
Studying Idaho history at our gym
Riverside Latin
Measuring to prove that two 3/4 cups is the same as 1 1/2. She did her own makeup.
This cat does not want to be doing word pools.
Kitchen classroom: pancakes
Torchlight PK week 9! Silas loves bats, but I do not love Stellaluna or Nightsong. A Place for Bats was good, though.

4th Grade, Week 7

6 Oct
Starting the week
Not wholly successful poetry tea
She says she’s going to miss Greek mythology, but I think we’ve both had about enough for this year.
This one was ‘gross’
Last one!
Another Girl Scout activity, testing water turbidity in the Boise River with the Watershed
Latin cases
Working on faces
Saturday mandala
Sunday morning math
Kitchen classroom (pumpkin bread)