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Shirred shirt

25 Apr

How’s that for an ugly phrase? “Shirred shirt.” Blech!

Anyway, Chris recently replaced a handful of old white undershirts with identical new white undershirts and gave me permission to do whatever I wanted with the old ones. So I did this:

It is ridiculously easy. Cut out two bodice-shaped pieces, stitch them together at the shoulders and side, then shirr the leftover edges. Knit doesn’t really fray, and if you use the original hem there’s no need to do any folding, hemming, or ironing. Yay! I didn’t even zigzag the seams, although I did topstitched them down to eliminate any irritating scratchy bits and because I like the way it looks.

I did three rows of shirring on the sleeves and two on the neck. It would have made more sense to do three on the neck and two on the sleeves, but I never do things right the first time. (Also, next time I’ll cut the armholes bigger, because I think they’re a little snug.) Luckily I have a whole pile of undershirts awaiting massacre.

I thought about putting a ruffled fabric flower on the front, but I just did a ruffle shirt. So, instead I cut out a linen flower from some scraps and inexpertley zig-zagged it on.

I’m pretty sure a better alternative would have been to iron the fabric to some interfacing before cutting out the applique. Eh.

So there you go: basically a thirty-minute shirt. I’ll make some adjustments next time, but it’s definitely wearable.

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