I’m Josie, Jo, or Josephine, depending on in what context I know you and at what era of my life I met you. I have a PhD in English literature from UCLA, and at the moment, I write, edit, and develop educational content. I grew up in South Carolina, lived in New York and LA, and now I’m in a small college town in Central New York waiting for my husband to finish law school so we can start the next chapter of our lives. We have an almost-three-year-old daughter, an almost-four-year-old dog, and a mangy middle-aged cat.

When my husband asked me what I liked most in the world to do, I said, “Dabble.” A little cooking, a little knitting, a little sewing (okay, a lot of the last two), a little working out, a little gardening, a little reading and writing, and a very little cleaning–or, the absolute minimum to keep protective services from raising serious doubts about my fitness as a mother.

I believe the devil makes work for idle hands, and even more for idle minds.


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  1. chicaandaluza August 28, 2011 at 8:20 am #

    Thanks for subscribing – hope you continue to enjoy. Love yours too and will be back later for a good look around!

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