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Tote bag(s)

3 May

I’ve had this fabric sitting around for so long that I’ve forgotten what it is, and the selvedges are long gone. It’s a bottomweight, I think twill, and I could never figure out what to do with it. The print is a little vertiginous in large quantities. Originally I’d intended to make an apron with some contrast fabric, but the store (possibly Purl Soho?) modified, shall we say, my order. And then I realized it was perfect for a tote bag! I cut two out of a yard of fabric; the other one is nearly identical, so I didn’t bother photographing it.

I pretty much used this tutorial, but honestly tote bags are really easy. If you can sew in a straight line (OK, that’s actually not as easy as it sounds, especially if you have a cheap machine), you can make a tote. They work in basically any size. I’ve also made bags from Bend the Rules Sewing and another book that I think I gave away.

One major note: this bag is unlined, which is functional for my purposes (grocery and library bags). But lined bags usually look nicer.

Mods and notes:

A strong needle helps when you’re sewing on the pocket and handles. I sewed an X a few times on the handles to make sure they were firmly attached, since I’m planning on using the bags to carry heavy things. (I just walked home with about ten pounds of groceries in each, and they’re holding up fine.)

Also, be careful that your handles aren’t twisted before you sew them on. Ahem.