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Tutorial: Pieced Linen Skirt

5 Jul

This is an extra special day for me. Three months ago I set a series of really ambitious goals, including sending off two articles, revising a chapter, and drafting another one, all to be finished before we leave for Salt Lake on Thursday. As of early this afternoon, I’ve met every single one of those goals. Hooray! I can leave with a satisfied conscience (not to mention advisor).

And I even had time to write up this tutorial for the pieced linen skirt. I’m so in love with this general idea that I’ve already used it again to make another skirt from some tragically large Talbots shorts.


  • Some fabric, preferably remnants but really anything.
  • Your sewing stuff
  • 1″ elastic, or whatever width you preferred width for baby clothing


1. Get your remnants. Alternately, cut some pieces of fabric on the bias.

Pieces from the wrap.

2. Stitch them together in an aesthetically pleasing way to make rectangles.

Getting ready to piece.

3. Find yourself a skirt that fits and measure it. Alternately, find these measurements:

  • A: length = distance between waist and top of the thigh
  • B: length = distance between top of thigh and knee (approximately)
  • A: width = slightly longer than around the widest part of the hip, over the diaper
  • B: anywhere from 1.5 to 2 times width of piece a. With stiffer fabric, you’ll want the shorter width; drapier fabric will be able to tolerate the longer width.


Doing some maths

4. Cut your rectangles to the appropriate measurements.

Cutting the second layer with a refreshing homebrew!

5. With a basting stitch, gather the long edge of the long rectangle.


6. Right sides together, pin the gathered edge of B to the long edge of A. Fiddle with the gather to make everything line up evenly. 7. Stitch together. I get better results if I put the gathered edge down by the feed dogs to make the gathers feed through the machine more evenly.

Stitched up.

8. [Optional.] Cut the piece in half so you have a front and a back and then stitch back up. I like seams, so I add them wherever possible. (They also give your sewing a professional touch.)

Yay seams!

WARNING: waistbands are the hardest part for me. You may have a better way of doing it or find a clearer tutorial. If so, use it and let me know!

9. Cut waistband:

  • length: long enough to fit easily around your model’s waist, plus seam allowance.
  • width: twice the width of your elastic, plus seam allowance.

10. Join the short ends of the waistband, right sides together, to make a tube. 11. Fold the tube in half long ways and press.

12. Fold down about 5/8ths of an inch and press.

Waistband folded, ironed, and joined.

13. Right sides together, slide the waistband down over the top of your skirt with the folded edge down. [From the picture, you’ll see that I did right side to wrong side, but really you could do it either way. I think the wrong sides together would be better, which is why I’ve described it that way.]

Waistband attached and ready to be folded up.

14. Pin and stitch.

15. Flip the waistband up and over, so the folded edge meets the raw edges and everything is now enclosed within the waistband.

Waistband folded and and ready to cover up all those raw edges.

16. Edge stitch as close as you can to the folded edge. I didn’t manage to get as close as I should have :(. VERY IMPORTANT: Leave an opening of about an inch to thread your elastic through.

17. Thread your elastic and close up the hole.

Waistband attached, elastic inserted, and skirt hemmed!

Yay! You have a skirt! Embellish as you wish. I added some running stitch embroidery, but you could really go crazy with this as a blank canvas.

No pictures, Mama.

Hope this is clear, and I’d love to know if you made anything with it!


Pieced Linen Skirt

28 Jun

This has to be a short post, since my babysitting is out of town and I have a precious two hours while Abby naps for my actual work. I give you the pieced linen skirt, made out of remnants from my sling knockoff. It’s based on the skirt below, which is getting too small:

I got it up on its feet with a little running stitch, and Abby wore it to the park yesterday. Here she is exploring the sand after playing in the sprinkler (hence the wet patches):

I took lots of pictures while I was making it, so I’ll write up a quick tutorial when I have some time again. I love this skirt!