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FO: Cosy Tank Top

19 Dec

This tank top is one of the first things I ever made, beside some ill-conceived and executed scarves. I made it for my quasi-ironic hope chest long before Abby was around and rediscovered it the other day in one of my periodic stash dives. Image

It’s designed to add an extra layer of warmth over pajamas and turns out to be perfect for doing just that. 


A few days ago, we set aside the sleep sacks A’s been in for the past year, since they’ve finally gotten undeniably small. I don’t really want to buy more, but she’s not awesome at keeping her new owl blanket on, so this tank top has actually come in handy.


Here’s a closeup so you can admire the horrific seaming job.
And finally, a comparison, where you can see the dramatic improvement that three years has made. On the left, the inside seam of the tank top. I think it’s supposed to be mattress stitch, but I wouldn’t swear to it. On the right, the seam from the sweater that I just finished. Beautiful! I’m so proud of that seam. 
Pattern: Cosy Tank Top
Yarn: Can’t remember–I think the off-white is Rowan Cashcott, and the brown is some washable baby something or other.
Notes and Mods: None, except I think i-cord might be nicer as an edging. I’m not a huge fan of this sort of crocheted edging. 

Placket-neck pullover

29 Apr

According to Ravelry, I started this project in May 2009, when Abby was–let’s be honest–not even a twinkle in Chris’s eye. I did everything except graft the sleeves, and it sat ungrafted until about this January. She’s wearing short-shorts because it’s been about 90 degrees around here. By the time it gets cool again she’ll be way too big for it, so I thought I should take advantage of a slightly cooler afternoon and get some pictures.

This pattern is great. It’s simple and fast and very customizable: you can add stripes, color patterns, a lace panel, all sorts of things; and who doesn’t love a placket? My loathing of raglan sleeves doesn’t apply to babies, since they don’t have curves to make the sleeves pull in unflattering ways. All they have is adorable little baby bellies.

There’s errata, but, since I naturally I didn’t check for it and wasn’t at the time experienced enough to notice that something was wrong, the neck is a bit off-centered. I call it asymmetrical and European. I didn’t add the seed-buttons because I didn’t have them. If I ever do give it away, I will probably take care of that.

If I made it again, which I almost certainly will, I would make the seed stitch hem longer, as it has a tendency to flip up (or I would just make a turned hem).

Pattern: Placket-neck pullover (Rav link), from Joelle Hoverson’s Last-Minute Knitted Gifts
Yarn: Takhi cotton classic, about two skeins