4th grade, week 8

12 Oct

Also I guess unofficial preschool week 8. Silas goes to a wonderful Montessori program but I just can’t help myself.

Abby is off-camera nursing a stomach ache while I read. I should probably clean Silas’s room 🤔
World center for Birds of Prey, Fall Flights
Fall Flights failed to keep his attention, so we left and found 100 rocks (and a v strange facial expression)
Of course I had chalk in my bag. Someday I’m going to pull a lamp and a coat tree out of it.
Not her favorite subject, but she wants to know “why people like different things”.
Be Naturally curious DNA
Baking at the Ronald McDonald House
Studying Idaho history at our gym
Riverside Latin
Measuring to prove that two 3/4 cups is the same as 1 1/2. She did her own makeup.
This cat does not want to be doing word pools.
Kitchen classroom: pancakes
Torchlight PK week 9! Silas loves bats, but I do not love Stellaluna or Nightsong. A Place for Bats was good, though.

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