4th Grade, Week 6

29 Sep

A busy school week that started over the weekend with a Girl Scout trip to the Idaho Museum of Mining and Geology, where we saw an ancient volcano, a lava flow, and a bit of ancient shoreline. Here is Abby posing at a mining exhibit and then at a fossils exhibit:

The next day we took Chris’s mom and her husband to the Botanic Gardens, when Abby told us how to tell igneous from sedimentary rocks. There was a neat-looking exhibit about Lewis and Clark’s collections of native plants, but we didn’t get a chance to look closely.

The week’s stack:

A lot of Greeks:

Lesson planning Latin (looking up the difference between ancilla and famula):

Abby helped me organize our first Girl Scout meeting–our first year with multiple levels 😬:

Yet another Girl Scout activity, this time at the Discovery Center:

I made Silas go to school all week, but we still got a little afterschooling in. Playing with letters while Abby was in choir:

(Read it upside down)

And not my favorite week of Torchlight, ngl:


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