It’s Alive!

17 Mar

This post could have started with a list of all the reasons I haven’t been posting, but they basically boil down to “busy,” so I won’t bother. It’s not that I haven’t been sewing–I have!–but the whole process of sew/ take pictures/ upload pictures/ edit pictures/ write post… well, just setting it all out like that tires me out. Especially since I work at my computer all day, so the absolute last thing I want to do in the evenings is sit at it again.

These days, I do most of my sewing early on weekend mornings, when Abby watches her RDA of TV. (We generally manage to stick to a no-tv-during-the-week-regimen, but I’m only human. Although, if I have to watch one more minute of Barney, that might not be true for much longer.) This weekend’s success was the 3rd muslin of my Alma blouse, but I’ll have to wait until I can either convince Chris to take 60 pictures of me wearing three versions of bedsheets… or convince myself to buy a self timer remote thingy. (That, I believe, is the technical term.)


Who needs washi tape when you have painter’s tape?

I was thrilled to hear that a dear friend is expecting a baby in June. As soon as I found out the sex (girl!) I used some leftovers from Abby’s recent and to-be-blogged Oliver + S Book Report Dress to whip up this set of Big Butt Baby Pants. (I feel like I can legitimately use “whip” in this case, because I used my Christmas-present serger for the seams. So fast, you guys!)


Please ignore the stray thread.

These are the 6th and 7th pairs I’ve made, and I still love them. One change I tried this time: sewing the elastic to the fabric instead of using a casing. RTW leggings and pants always seems to use this technique, and I think it looks a little cleaner–although I’m sure it’s just meant to save time, and I think on the whole the slightly homemade look of a casing is worth the ability to adjust the elastic.

Well, it’s not like these will be the last BBB pants I’m going to make!

Pattern: Big Butt Baby Pants

Fabric: Two quilting cotton remnants. One was a Robert Kaufman; the other is anonymous. Both purchased from my local fabric shop, Homespun Boutique.

Notes and Mods: I sewed all the seams on my serger, but I *think* I may have basted the second pair, since I had some puckering with the first. I also sewed the elastic in rather than use a casing, although I doubt I’ll do that again. Love this pattern!

One Response to “It’s Alive!”

  1. Andrea March 21, 2013 at 4:39 am #

    Cute pants! I hope you’ll link them up to Make It Wear It on this week!

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