Simplicity 2451 muslin

27 Aug

I only started to like swatching and blocking after a lot of time knitting, because my focus learning a new craft is always on gaining experience, practicing technique, figuring out what kind of projects I like, that sort of thing. I guess the same goes for muslins. The thought of making an entire garment just for practice  seems incredibly depressing, even though I know perfectly well that a stitch in time saves nine and all that.

Does this look like the sheets in your grandmother's spare bedroom? It probably was!

Well, I figured there’s really no way around making muslins for adult garment sewing, so here it is: Simplicity 2451, a pleated yoked skirt. I’m into it! And I see the value in making a muslin so I can make all the mistakes now instead of on the fashion fabric–such as, for example, sewing about half of the seams the wrong way out, as you can see on the yoke. I also realized that sewing muslins is fast, because you don’t have to press and finish seams.

The design and construction of this skirt are exactly like something I would buy in a store, and the shape is very flattering. It is about an inch too big around, so I’m in a quandary: do I a) stick with the same size and take a bigger seam allowance or b) cut the smaller size and hope the post-baby weight loss continues at its glacial but steady pace, or c) cut the smaller size and take a smaller seam allowance? I’ll also have to cut the fashion fabric longer, since there isn’t enough of a hem allowance for the fabric I have in mind.

And I should probably take advantage of this muslin to practice inserting a zipper, because the last time I tried to make myself a skirt everything went beautiful until I totally biffed the zipper and had to toss the whole thing. Stupid zippers!


2 Responses to “Simplicity 2451 muslin”

  1. chicaandaluza August 27, 2011 at 6:30 pm #

    Looks great – I have recently started making muslins and find it so useful. They don´t have to be perfect, you can write on them (!), practice putting in the zips etc…they really help you end up with a much better end garment. Having said that, I rather liked your “granny sheet” muslin!

  2. firstmute August 28, 2011 at 1:27 am #

    I like it too! If the fabric weren’t pilling I might try a re-do and actually wear it.

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