FO: Oliver + S Ice Cream Dress

2 Aug

I traced this off on Friday, cut it out on Saturday and Sunday, sewed most of it last night, and finished up the hem today during naptime. It’s too big for her, as you see, but I think I’m in love.

You can see one of the pockets here.

The fabric is some linen (possibly linen blend?) that I got, along with a massive parking ticket, in the LA fabric district a few years ago. I was planning to make some sort of lined tote bag with it, but I think this is much better.

Boring button. Perhaps I'll replace it later.

The pattern–what can I say about Oliver + S that hasn’t already been said? The pattern was ridiculously clear, so that even I only had to rip out two seams. That’s practically a miracle. All the little helpful tips really made a difference.

She's really into sticks lately.

I only got confused once when I was covering the back of the dress with the back yoke. I think I was supposed to unpick the yoke seam, which is what I did. That seemed a little inefficient though, and I’m not 100% sure I did it correctly.

Sad baby.

Abby was a cranky little monster after her nap today, poor thing. We had a busy morning: dropped Chris off at work, went to the university library, hit up Gymboree, and then stopped at Publix. Plus, she woke up three times last night.

Pattern: Ice Cream Dress, Oliver + S

Fabric: Linen/ linen blend, unknown source

Mods and notes: No mods. This is a beautiful pattern. It’s probably a good idea to measure your baby, as they suggest, because I made a size too big. Also, listen to them when they say to mark the wrong side of your plain fabric. That would have saved me probably half an hour of turning the pieces over and over, trying to figure out which way to pin them.

Busy busy: I have a chapter draft due in three weeks, a class starting in four weeks that I have to write a syllabus for, and a house to keep. The crafting’s been a little slow around here, but I try to get my hands on something every day. Also, I’ve just discovered a knitting needle stuck in my hair. A bad sign for things to come, I think.

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