FO: Peekaboo Bonnet

20 Jul

This bonnet was supposed to replace Abby’s old bonnet, which is now dramatically too small for her (12 month check up: 30.5 inches, 24.5 pounds). The print is a Liberty twill (Mirabelle) I’ve had sitting around for ages, and the plain is just a bottomweight from Joann’s.


What you can’t see in these pictures is that the bonnet is actually kind of a hot mess. First problem: I didn’t line everything up quite right, so I had to do some careful manipulation of the bias tie to get all the edges hidden.

Second problem: my handstitching skills are pathetic, so the band is not stitched down very well.

Third problem: I wanted to make a wide tie from both fabrics. Results: mixed. I can’t really tie them in a bow, because they’re too wide and not quite long enough.

Hello, stray thread.

Fourth problem: I used red thread to match the piping. Unfortunately, the red thread shows up like whoa on the gray, and I could NOT get the tie attached neatly enough. So I had to handsew it (see second problem) and then overlock the edges.

Abby figured out where the lens cap goes.

For next time: use thinner (possibly even store bought!) bias tape for the ties. Match things up more neatly. Choose piping, print, and plain fabric that matches more closely so the stitching doesn’t show up as much.

I do love the pattern (I love all Rae’s patterns), but I am wondering: why can’t just make the print and the plain separately and then attach them wrong sides together, the way a lining is usually put in? Rather than fiddling with handsewing them at the band, I mean. I’m trying to figure out why I couldn’t do that and can’t. I’m sure Rae has a reason, but I’m at a loss.


2 Responses to “FO: Peekaboo Bonnet”

  1. jellyspoon August 19, 2011 at 11:03 pm #

    all my sewing projects are hot messes. i am about to scrap one because my stupidity is too hard to take. but this looks ADORABLE! abber abber abber.

    • firstmute August 19, 2011 at 11:30 pm #

      I lost my seam ripper the other day and almost cried. If it were possible to rip out more seams than you put in, I would do it.

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