Sadie Shirt, attempt #1

31 May

Look at this adorable Sadie Shirt, made from a Goodwill men’s shirt. I didn’t have any fabric that coordinated, so I cut things sideways and on the bias to add visual interest. For the pattern, I used a new 18-24M t-shirt from Old Navy (yay, Memorial Day sale!), since Abby’s 12-18M were getting a little tight.

See? Bias placket! Horizontal ruffles!

Ignore the wrinkles. I didn't bother ironing it, since she can't actually wear it.

I spent all yesterday working on it during naptimes and finally finished right before the end of Abby’s afternoon nap. She woke up and I rushed in, barely getting her out of her crib and sleep sack before trying it on. And … it wouldn’t even fit over her head. Well, I could get it over her head and one arm, but it didn’t have enough give to stretch over her second arm. Partly, I didn’t compensate enough for the woven fabric, but also it turns out that the t-shirt, which I didn’t both to try on before drafting the pattern, doesn’t fit her that well.


Oh, well. You live, you learn, you practice making button closures. I’ve got lots more shirts to cut down.


3 Responses to “Sadie Shirt, attempt #1”

  1. Jessica June 1, 2011 at 3:31 am #

    it’s so cute! Sorry it didn’t fit right, grrr. You could try cutting the shirt panels wider and gathering them a bit, and of course cutting the bodice wider too. I do hope you try again!

    • firstmute June 2, 2011 at 5:25 pm #

      I’ve already got the fabric picked out!


  1. Whoa! a FO!: Sadie Shirt, take two « The No-Method Method to Happy, Healthy Children - June 16, 2011

    […] Well, now I’ve married and spawned, and I can tell you that I would jump at the chance some days to have 1/2 an hour for myself–especially this week. You see, my babysitters (mom and dad) have both been out of commission lately, so all my spare time has gone to writing my dissertation rather than crafting or blogging. This has understandably made me a little cranky, so I decided today to take a mental health day and finish up my second attempt at the Sadie Shirt. (First attempt here.) […]

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