Memorial Day Weekend

31 May

We had big plans for this weekend: my sister and brother were going to be in town, both with their respective SOs. We were going to go tubing, watch movies, listen to records, play games, eat pie, gorge on watermelon … it was going to be great. Sadly, my sister ran into a little airplane trouble and couldn’t make it. So, we made do with my brother and his lovely girlfriend.

Some of us still ate watermelon.

Today was full of ups and downs. I had a successful/ unsuccessful sewing project that I’ll share tomorrow, and then Chris and I took an abortive walk in the swamp. After driving for 30 minutes to get there, we walked 300 yards, took a picture, and turned back, driven away by the mosquitos and humidity.

Green on green.

Later, we popped over to our neighbor’s for a BBQ. Abby stole some food.

I cropped the other baby, since, you know, other people's babies don't belong on the internet without express permission.

And then played some croquet.

Sweaty but happy.


Exciting news: we’re going to New York this weekend! A college friend advertised her apartment on Facebook yesterday, and we checked airplane tickets on a whim. $154! So we’re headed there Friday through Monday. I haven’t been back since 2005, and this time I’ll be one of those tourists I used to pass impatiently on the sidewalk.




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