Last week’s bentos

29 May

I’m not a food blogger, nor a food photographer, nor even really much of a cook. I can put together a decent meal and I’m pretty committed to minimally processed, real ingredient–but it’s just food, nothing fancy or particularly inventive.

With that in mind, I make Chris’s lunch most mornings. In the past these have mostly been pretty boring, on the order of PB&J. But the poor guy work hard, and he deserves better. I recently became obsessed with bento boxes, thanks to a couple of really cool blogs. A quick trip to World Market for a 525 ml tupperware and some silicone baking cups, and we have bentos!

Rice, broccoli, chicken, peanut sauce



Hummus, pita, olives, carrots

Asparagus, spinach, watermelon, turkey meatballs, mashed potatoes

These are all mostly leftovers with a few things cooked the morning of. It takes a little more time than slapping a sandwich together, but, really, not too much more–and it’s <b>much</b> more fun. Plus, Chris really appreciates it!




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