New Household Addition

14 May

No, not another baby, thank god, although I did have a very vivid dream the other night that I was pregnant. The horror!

A couple of weeks ago, our neighbor invited us over to meet some of his friends. We fell into chatting with another couple with a young baby, and later that night I friended the woman on Facebook. A few days later, she posted looking to see if anyone was interested in adopting their piano. Yes please!

She warned us that it was not in great shape–had character, as they say–and was in tune with itself but about a half tone off from A 440, or whatever. Chris checked it with his iphone tuner thingy, and turns out it’s actually about a whole and a quarter tone off. Fortunately I am, despite years of music lessons, basically tone deaf.

Getting it in the house was a challenge, but a manageable one. And now we are the proud owners of a well-loved piano.

My favorite was going through the stray music in the bench and finding this:

Someone didn't study.

It’s a mimeograph!

And here’s the post’s craft content (also, slight TMI warning!). We have a number of wood surfaces (table, coffee table, piano, dressers), but no coasters. Until the other day, when I set my cup down on a stray one of these in Abby’s room.

Can you tell what they are? Here’s a hint. They’re round, absorbent …

Yep, they’re breast pads! I pulled out my stack, which I don’t use anymore, and sewed some embroidery stitches on to liven them up and make them look a little less like, well, what they are. I guess you wouldn’t necessarily recognize them unless you’d used them or been around someone who had, but I’m still not sure I’d have the nerve to bring them out in company. For everyday furniture-saving use, they work fine–a simple solution to a problem, and a great second life for some unused stuff!


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