4th grade, week 8

12 Oct

Also I guess unofficial preschool week 8. Silas goes to a wonderful Montessori program but I just can’t help myself.

Abby is off-camera nursing a stomach ache while I read. I should probably clean Silas’s room 🤔
World center for Birds of Prey, Fall Flights
Fall Flights failed to keep his attention, so we left and found 100 rocks (and a v strange facial expression)
Of course I had chalk in my bag. Someday I’m going to pull a lamp and a coat tree out of it.
Not her favorite subject, but she wants to know “why people like different things”.
Be Naturally curious DNA
Baking at the Ronald McDonald House
Studying Idaho history at our gym
Riverside Latin
Measuring to prove that two 3/4 cups is the same as 1 1/2. She did her own makeup.
This cat does not want to be doing word pools.
Kitchen classroom: pancakes
Torchlight PK week 9! Silas loves bats, but I do not love Stellaluna or Nightsong. A Place for Bats was good, though.

4th Grade, Week 7

6 Oct
Starting the week
Not wholly successful poetry tea
She says she’s going to miss Greek mythology, but I think we’ve both had about enough for this year.
This one was ‘gross’
Last one!
Another Girl Scout activity, testing water turbidity in the Boise River with the Watershed
Latin cases
Working on faces
Saturday mandala
Sunday morning math
Kitchen classroom (pumpkin bread)

4th Grade, Week 6

29 Sep

A busy school week that started over the weekend with a Girl Scout trip to the Idaho Museum of Mining and Geology, where we saw an ancient volcano, a lava flow, and a bit of ancient shoreline. Here is Abby posing at a mining exhibit and then at a fossils exhibit:

The next day we took Chris’s mom and her husband to the Botanic Gardens, when Abby told us how to tell igneous from sedimentary rocks. There was a neat-looking exhibit about Lewis and Clark’s collections of native plants, but we didn’t get a chance to look closely.

The week’s stack:

A lot of Greeks:

Lesson planning Latin (looking up the difference between ancilla and famula):

Abby helped me organize our first Girl Scout meeting–our first year with multiple levels 😬:

Yet another Girl Scout activity, this time at the Discovery Center:

I made Silas go to school all week, but we still got a little afterschooling in. Playing with letters while Abby was in choir:

(Read it upside down)

And not my favorite week of Torchlight, ngl:


4th Grade, Week 5

21 Sep
Listening to The Magic Flute

Fashion history and design class.
Latin class (I’m teaching it).
Math, glumly.

She got tired halfway through.


Psychology read-aloud. (“I want to learn why people are different.”)
Silas decided he didn’t feel like going to school most of this week.
Zingo! A big hit.
Painting his favorite word.
Torchlight PK Week something or other.
Homeschooling + massive work deadlines <cry face>

4th grade, week 4

18 Sep

Nature study: sweet gum, cattail, tulip tree

Trying to prove that air has weight:

Relevant math:


Latin class:

More relevant math:


Field trip to the Monterey Aquarium:

Planetarium at the University of Nevada, Reno:

4th grade, week 3

7 Sep

The Prince and the Dressmaker

Homeschool days at the Foothills Learning Center, learning about pollinators:

A horrifying family tree:

Latin class!

Decimal place value:

Hitting the Idaho history hard:

More graphic novel reading:

More Idaho history

Improvised compass:

4th Grade, Week 2

31 Aug

Nature study


Grammar with background of recycling


Marginal tax rates, because why not?

Sick day

One more to go

Sick day poetry tea


4th grade, Week 1

30 Aug


Torchlight 1

BFSU vol. 1, lesson C-3

Clay Lab

Read aloud


Unit study research

Learning about “Native Americans and their culture” (ID state standard) on Outschool

FO: Child’s Placket-Neck Pullover

18 Sep

I’ve made this before, and, just like last time, I made it wrong. (Except right.) See, the original instructions in the book (which I have) resulted in an off-center placket. I knew that errata existed somewhere on the internet and I found what I thought was it–but, in fact, it was merely the original instructions, which I blithely followed.

Just like last time, I do not care. It’s a roomy pullover, perfect for a child who haaaates having things pulled over her head, likes to walk around with sweaters and shirts half on, and for our chilly almost-autumn weather.

This is local yarn from Purl’s Yarn Emporium in Asheville, acquired  in February when I was presenting a paper on a Hannah More novel. (I like to cheat on my current project with didactic fiction.) It’s delightfully sheepy. (The yarn.) Dear Purl’s Yarn Emporium: I’m sorry Abby dumped a pot of dirt on your floor.

BIG NEWS. Two and a half years later, and Chris and I are going on a honeymoon. He has a week off in October, which happily coincides with a month when my parents will be staying only a few hours away. They’re going to stay with Abby for two nights while we do it up right at Niagara Falls. It’ll be the first time we’ve been on vacation together since 2010.

Pattern: Child’s Placket Neck Pullover

Yarn: Something local to Asheville, NC. I am the worst about saving yarn bands.

Notes and Mods: If you make this, be sure you have the errata–unless you like asymmetry, which I kind of do. But this would need to be even more asymmetrical to look intentional. Luckily, neither I nor Abby cares.

FO: A Living Room

4 Sep

Oh, hello! We moved. Five days in hotels, one insanely hectic day of closing, and then weeks of chaos, and we’re finally kind of settled in. Oh, and I also started a new full-time job and have about three weeks to finish my dissertation. It’s been awesome.

But I have been doing some sewing in the mornings before Abby’s school. She hangs out in my office/ craft room, and I sew. I used to feel a little guilty about sewing instead of playing with her, until I asked myself what Ma would do–more on that in another post, since evidently what I thought Ma would do is a little different from what she actually may have done. Anyway, obviously Ma would not have followed a toddler around catering to its every whim, right? Right.

But that’s not the point of this post, which is to show off the very large FO that is our living room floor. Backstory: when we bought this house, it smelled like dog. Really smelled. Smelled to the point that we asked the sellers to rip up the carpet, which they did, but which left us with a pee-soaked subfloor.

So we primed the floor, bought a table saw, and begged my parents to come up.

Then we laid down a LOT of wood laminate.

(Oh yeah, and we painted, too.)

And promptly scattered sh*t everywhere, like we do. But I think it came out pretty well! Abby has a nice little play space, and we’ve got (in theory) separate areas for conversation and TV-watching, not that there’s been a whole lot of that going on what with my crazy schedule and Chris in his first semester of law school. But we’re holding it together. (Barely.)

And yes, the picture are totally unedited. I’ve been putting off posting because I feel like I don’t have time to 1) take nice pictures or 2) edit them, but, eh, I’d rather keep moving forward. Forward!